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HMIS Committee

HMIS Committee

According to the charter, this committee provides recommendations to the HMIS Lead Agency on HMIS issues including project participation, policies and procedures for participant privacy, data security, data quality, and HMIS governance. This committee also hears grievances related to sanctions by the HMIS Lead agency as outlined in the Interim HMIS Governance Charter (Appendix A). Finally, this committee will lead the annual process of reviewing the performance of the HMIS Lead Agency and the every-three-year process of either re-appointing the HMIS Lead Agency or undertaking a competitive process. 

To learn more about the HMIS Committee, please contact co-chairs Madeline Shea and Tawanda Acosta.If you would like to submit materials for posting on the CoC webpages, please use the submission form here: Items are posted every Friday.   

Data Quality Steering Subcommittee

February 16, 2017