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Collaborative Applicant

Collaborative Applicant

According to the charter, this committee is responsible for annually reviewing the performance of the Collaborative Applicant, fact-finding and helping to resolve stakeholder challenges of decisions by the Collaborative Applicant, and leading the process of deciding whether to re-select the Collaborative Applicant or to undertake and facilitate a competitive process with the possible outcome of selecting a new Collaborative Applicant.

To learn more about the Collaborative Applicant Committee, please contact chair David Esposito. If you would like to submit materials for posting on the CoC webpages, please use the submission form here: Items are posted every Friday.   

Meeting Agendas and Minutes

CAC Meeting Minutes - 7/6/2016

CAC Meeting Minutes 8/3/2016

CAC Meeting Agenda 9/7/2016

CAC Meeting Minutes 10/5/2016

CAC Meeting Minutes 11/2/2016


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